Εργαστήριο Εργονομίας PAPA

Incident profile


Incident title
Εργαστήριο Εργονομίας PAPA
Type of incident
  • Incident within an establishment (site, storage facilities, loading /unloading station, warehouse etc.)
  • Transportation Incident (transimmision/distribution including pipelines)
  • Near Miss
  • Other
Start date and suspected start time of incident
06-03-2019 13:32:39
End date and suspected end time of incident
06-03-2019 13:32:42

Location / Site

Incident Location (Description)
Country and region of incident
ZIP City
Site activity
  • general chemicals manufacture
  • petrochemical, refining, processing
  • plastics and rubber manufacture
  • pesticides, pharmaceuticals, other fine chemicals
  • power supply and distribution (electric, gas, etc.)
  • water and sewage (collection, supply, treatment)
  • waste treatment, disposal
  • wholesale and retail storage and distribution (includes LPG bottling and bulk distribution, tank storage farms, cold storage distribution warehousing, etc.
  • handling and transportation centres (ports, airports, lorry parks, marshalling yards, etc.)
  • ceramics (bricks, pottery, glass, cement, plaster, etc.)
  • metal refining and processing (includes foundries, electrochemical refining, plating, etc.)
  • electronics and electrical engineering
  • shipbuilding, shipbreaking, ship repair
  • general engineering, manufacturing and assembly
  • agriculture
  • medical, research, education (includes hospitals, universities, colleges, etc.)
  • textiles, clothing and footwear
  • paper manufacture, printing, publishing
  • food and drink
  • timber and furniture
  • building and works of engineering construction
  • fairgrounds/amusements
  • other : gdr

Short report

Accident Types

Release Water Fire Explosion Transport Other
Description: cvcbcvb

Substances Directly Involved

Toxic EcoToxic Flammable Explosive Other
Description: bsdfb

Immediate Sources of Incident

Storage Process Transfer Other

Suspected Causes - 1

Plant Human Factor Environmental Other
Description: dfgbfgbs

Suspected Causes - 2

Intentional Release Unintentional Release
Description: sfgbs

Suspected Causes - 3

Equipment Human Factor Environmental 3rd Party Other
Description: t

Immediate Event Consequences

Deaths Injuries EcoHarm Heritage Loss Material Loss Disruption Other
Description: f

Emergency Measures Taken

On Site Systems External Services Shelter Evacuation Decontamination Restoration Other

Immediate Lessons Learned

Prevention Mitigation Other