Incident profile


Incident title
Type of incident
  • Incident within an establishment
  • Transportation Incident
  • Near Miss
  • Other
Start date and suspected start time of incident
28-01-2019 10:37:23
End date and suspected end time of incident
28-01-2019 14:00:00

Location / Site

Incident Location (Description)
mrs sdsp desdasdasdsa
Country and region of incident
Greece, ΝΗΣΙΑ ΑΙΓΑΙΟΥ, ΚΡΗΤΗ, Κρήτη, Χανιά
ZIP City
73132 CHANIA
Site activity
  • general chemicals manufacture
  • petrochemical, refining, processing
  • plastics and rubber manufacture
  • pesticides, pharmaceuticals, other fine chemicals
  • power supply and distribution (electric, gas, etc.)
  • water and sewage (collection, supply, treatment)
  • waste treatment, disposal
  • wholesale and retail storage and distribution (includes LPG bottling and bulk distribution, tank storage farms, cold storage distribution warehousing, etc.
  • handling and transportation centres (ports, airports, lorry parks, marshalling yards, etc.)
  • ceramics (bricks, pottery, glass, cement, plaster, etc.)
  • metal refining and processing (includes foundries, electrochemical refining, plating, etc.)
  • electronics and electrical engineering
  • shipbuilding, shipbreaking, ship repair
  • general engineering, manufacturing and assembly
  • agriculture
  • medical, research, education (includes hospitals, universities, colleges, etc.)
  • textiles, clothing and footwear
  • paper manufacture, printing, publishing
  • food and drink
  • timber and furniture
  • building and works of engineering construction
  • fairgrounds/amusements
  • other

Short report

Accident Types

Release Water Fire Explosion Transport Other
Description: pure ethanol released from container, spark from cigarette caused ignition

Substances Directly Involved

Toxic EcoToxic Flammable Explosive Other
Description: ethanol 95%

Immediate Sources of Incident

Storage Process Transfer Other
Description: during transfer from storage area to truck

Suspected Causes - 1

Plant Human Factor Environmental Other
Description: transfer not safe procedure, workers not appropriately trained.

Suspected Causes - 2

Intentional Release Unintentional Release

Suspected Causes - 3

Equipment Human Factor Environmental 3rd Party Other

Immediate Event Consequences

Deaths Injuries EcoHarm Heritage Loss Material Loss Disruption Other

Emergency Measures Taken

On Site Systems External Services Shelter Evacuation Decontamination Restoration Other
Description: for safety reasons the fire department was called although the fire was contained primarily from the personnel

Immediate Lessons Learned

Prevention Mitigation Other
Description: Improve safety measures during transfer of flammables. NEAs should inspect more frequently